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Postpartum Doula Services

Infant – Preschool Sleep  Coaching

Newborn Sleep Tip Sheet with Coaching

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This is the baby sleep help I wish I’d had

Sleep Coaching Services

I’m astounded by the amount of information available to parents these days. Too much, perhaps. Should you swaddle? Cry it out? Try some other sleep-training method?

As an experienced postpartum doula, I know there’s no one “right” way to get a baby to sleep. But there are several solutions that are worth trying. And I'm here to provide them to you in a personalized, sleep plan, complete with encouraging coaching calls to answer
YOUR specific questions.

You don’t need more Googling

- you need more sleep.

–Sarah M.

I learned about Sue and her services when I was going through a rough time with my first baby not sleeping.


Are you ready to discover the strategies that will actually get your baby to sleep? Let’s figure them out — together. 

Look forward to a well-rested family, both day and night

Don’t dread the thought of bedtime.

Please note: This is a flat rate, regardless of how old your baby is when you purchase.

Investment $350

One 45-minute phone call to wrap things up and discuss next steps once your little one is four months old

Daily emails to clear up questions and problem solve as you navigate the early weeks with your little one

One 60-minute phone call to go over the information in detail and address any questions you have

Newborn Sleep Tip Sheet to teach you all the baby sleep basics you need to know

Let’s get your newborn off to a great start and lay the groundwork for healthy sleep habits!

Personalized, 1:1 sleep coaching for ages 0–4 months


Investment $350

Unlimited emails for two weeks, plus one 15-minute phone call per week, to ensure your success as you work through the plan

One 45-minute phone call to go over all the “what ifs” in detail before implementing the plan, so you feel prepared and empowered to follow through

Individualized, written sleep plan based on your parenting style and your little one’s personality

Information packet on the best, safest sleep environment for your child’s age

Intake information form to assess your child’s current sleep situation and needs

Let’s help your baby sleep through the night (and daily naps) with an age-appropriate plan!

Preschool Sleep with Coaching

Personalized, 1:1 sleep coaching for ages 4 months – 4 years

Infant – 

Investment $40/HR

Limited availability!

I’ll take care of your little one for the night, so you can get some much-needed sleep!

Along with caring for your newborn, I will teach you how to lay the groundwork for healthy sleep habits, both now and as your baby grows.

Postpartum doula services are available for a small number of local (western Montgomery and northeastern Chester counties in Pennsylvania) families only. My overnight hours are 10pm–6am for parents of newborns ages 0–3 months. 

By getting good sleep during my “on” nights, you will be rested enough to implement my sleep techniques on my “off” nights!

Overnight care for parents of newborns (local clients only) 

Postpartum Doula Services

–Carrie L.

Sue helped me figure things out when my second baby came, and she didn’t sleep (at all).

Schedule a 45-minute phone call with me before starting your sleep plan to ensure you’re all set up for success!

05. Start!

Get an actionable sleep plan specific to your family’s needs within 48 hours of submitting your intake form.

04. Learn

Return your intake form with as much detail as possible, so I can recommend the right sleep strategies for your family.

03. Submit

Purchase the package that fits your family, and I’ll follow up with your Newborn Sleep Tip Sheet and/or intake form.

02. Buy

Schedule a free, 15-minute discovery call with me to see if sleep training is something you’d like to try.

01. Book

Curious About

the Coaching Process?

More parents than you may think! Baby sleep coaches are becoming the new norm for families, as we realize just how important sleep is for both children and parents. After all, you’d seek help in other areas of your life. Why not sleep, too?

I’m new to this idea. Who hires a baby sleep coach? 

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FAQ - 01/04

Are you tired? Then sleep coaching is right for you! Whether you’re expecting your first child, cradling your first baby, or dealing with a whole brood of kids at home, you can experience sleep issues at any stage — and there’s absolutely no shame in that. Sleep coaching can help you realize you aren’t alone… and you aren’t stuck in this sleepless season forever. In fact, you could start getting good rest in a week or less!

How do I know if sleep coaching is right for me?

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FAQ - 02/04

Why, thank you! I simply adore working with new parents, helping them keep their babies calm, happy, and well-rested. Since I became a postpartum doula in 2006, I have personally served hundreds of families — so even if you think yours is unique, trust me, I’ve seen it all! Along with sharing my tried-and-true sleep strategies, I tailor my approach to your family, listening without judgment to your problems and offering solutions with encouragement, compassion, and real-world wisdom.

You seem great, Sue… but why should I hire you instead of another sleep coach?

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FAQ - 03/04

After you choose the package that’s right for you, I will follow up with an intake form to learn more about your specific sleep issues and goals. We’ll go over your answers (and questions!) during a detailed phone call, so you’ll feel fully prepared to follow the plan I’ve outlined for you. Then, I’ll be available for 1:1 support as outlined in your package. During our time together, I’ll be your coach and cheerleader, putting you on the path to long-term sleep success!

Let’s say I book your sleep consulting services. What can I expect? 

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FAQ - 04/04