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I turn exhausted
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You’re exhausted. And your baby is, too… even if she’s fighting naptime with all the strength her little body can muster.

It’s time to finally get the sleep your whole family deserves. As your personal sleep coach, I’m here for you, so you can be there — present, loving, and wide-awake — for your baby.

Let’s get your little one (and yourself!) to sleep

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I remember how it felt to be a new mom - in awe of my precious little one. Excited. Nervous. And simply drained. 

But guess what? I got through those restless nights, and you will, too.

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Pediatric sleep consultant, postpartum doula, and mom of two

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Overnight care for parents of newborns (local clients only) 


Personalized, 1:1 sleep coaching packages for ages 0 months – 4 years


The perfect starting point for new parents or parents-to-be

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Here’s how I can help you, and your baby

-–Audrey B. 

Sue was key to surviving the newborn months with our first baby.

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–Sarah M.

 Can’t speak more highly about her expertise, professionalism, and passion.

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Let’s get your baby off to a great start! I’ll personally coach you through the postpartum period to help you lay the groundwork for healthy sleep habits.

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Ages 0–4 YEARS

Newborn Sleep with Coaching

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You (and your baby) deserve great sleep.